Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Chase and Scout: Jewelry Between the Dark and the Light

Many of us who love spooky things can't help but be drawn to the Victorian and Gothic periods. The mixture of science, mysticism, and drama are just too perfect. It's true for the designer Elle Greene at Chase and Scout as well, who describes her work as "a romantic nod to antiquity, with a curio style planted firmly in the present."

The pieces you'll find in this shop are lovely and appropriate for everyday wear. They quietly make a statement without overwhelming the viewer. I like that.

Stirling Silver Snake Bracelet
Odin's Ravens Cuff Bracelet
Stirling Silver Cobweb Bracelet
Shield Earrings with Skulls
Hands of Fate Earrings
As Above So Below Ring
Double Skull Engagement Ring
Aren't these pieces spectacular? Greene describes each piece as a "protective amulet for the modern day." Who doesn't need that?

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