Thursday, April 14, 2016

Boroughs of the Dead

On April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic hit "the" iceberg. I think you know the rest of that story. In my search to find some tales of ghosts from the Titanic I came across an interesting tour group located in New York City called Boroughs of the Dead. The group jumped to the front of my Google search because they are offering a Ghosts of the Titanic tour this Thursday through Saturday. It's a seasonal tour that takes place every April. The Titanic tour centers around where survivors were brought ashore and will share "macabre, sorrowful tales of the watery deep as we remember the Titanic's tragic and glorious story, and how it is uniquely connected to New York City."

source: Boroughs of the Dead
Can't make it this weekend? Well, Boroughs of the Dead has spooky tours around New York nearly every weekend. From Manhattan to Queens there are a variety of tours choose from.

Here is what I like about this tour company. First they're licensed- always a good thing. Second, they take their tours seriously. The guides aren't wearing costumes or playing a character. They're more like a fun professor. Thirdly, the group size stays between 10 and 20 people. If you've even been on a tour larger than that, you know how hard it is to hear what's going on. And finally, and most importantly, this tour company only offers "dark, macabre, fantastic, frightening, and unusual tours" of New York. I'm sold!

If you're looking for plans for Mother's Day there is a tour offered that day called The Magic and Mysticism of Central Park that sounds really interesting. I'm also interested in a tour called Weird Tales of the West Village. You just know that's going to be crazy.

You may not live anywhere near New York City, but be honest, you've been wanting to visit. I think Boroughs of the Dead just gave you another reason.

Ok, so you're really not going to make it anytime soon? You're in luck. The founder of the tour company is Andrea Janes who wrote a fictional book of ghost stories called Boroughs of the Dead: New York City Ghost Stories which you can purchase from their website. Ta Da! Everyone goes home a winner.

You can also follow what tours are coming up on their Facebook page.

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