Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book of Poison

I have to share another Kickstarter project with you today. I have a collection of books that are themed around Halloween, death, and anything morbidly amusing. I think Liber Veneficii: The Book of Poisons by Second Thought Games needs to be in my collection.

The book is designed for role-playing games, but it will be so beautifully made and researched that I think any one with an interest in fantasy would find it desirous.  The book is a mixture of fact and fiction so use it with caution.

Liber Veneficii also includes twelve fantasy poisonous concoctions and a section on poison delivery. What more could a girl want? The final product will be bound in black leather with silver embossings. The illustrations look lovely. I think this would look great sitting open on a book stand.

As part of the rewards, you can choose to have your name (or a character's name) put in the book as a researcher or council member. That is pretty cool. 

Second Thought Games has previously produced a similar book of potions and oils called Liber Elixirium that was a successful project. Check out the video for more information. As of this writing there are 6 days to go and the project is already fully funded.

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  1. Hi Jori. This is Lisa Miller-Howard, the author of both Liber Elixirium and Liber Venificii. Thank you for the kind words.