Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Vampurr Cat

From time to time, one of my cats will develop an adorable snaggle tooth. It's cute. I can't help but call them vampire cats, but you know how they hate to be embarrassed by their appearance.  I want to honor them today, so they don't feel so bad.
BumpCovers: Vampurr T-shirt
ShopNDS: Milk Marauder Magnet
Jason McGroarty: Vampire Cat Portrait
RockinDogsCoolCats: Vampire Cat Costume
WalloyaMorringShop: Ball-Jointed Winged Vampire Cat
ChetArt: Nosfercatu Print
KilkennycatArt: Count Catula

I'm going to have my cats help me decide which item to purchase. It's all about them after all.

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