Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Taphophilia: (noun) A love of funeral, graves, and cemeteries

That's it! That's what I have. And, I love that my disease has two "ph"s.  Love may be a strong word to describe my attraction to funeral, graves, and cemeteries- I'd say we're still more in the dating stage- but I won't argue the point.

I happened upon a website called Taphophilia that is fun to look around. The site has photos of cemeteries, cemetery fences (I have a passion for those as well), and some epitaphs. It's a very simple website, but my favorite part is the Death Glossary. You could really improve your Scrabble skills here. The very first definition drew me in:

Aanspreekers: Those amongst the New Amsterdam Dutch in the American colonies who were hired to invite people to funerals.

How do we revive that job?!

If you like to look at photos of great cemetery art, you should check out my aunt's Pinterest Board called Cemetery Art (yes, it runs in the family.) She is also a taphophile, though she may not know it.

Cemetery or Tombstone Tourism is becoming a "thing." I see a business venture here for someone. Let's get a jump on it!


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