Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gothic Wonderland of Costa Magarakis

Artist and sculptor Costa Magarakis calls his work a "gothic wonderland illuminating the grey area between truth and lies." You can't helped but be intrigued after a statement like that. Many (including myself) would describe his work as steampunk, but that really doesn't go deep enough. Behind the intricately designed vehicles are dreadful stories waiting to be told. Just looking at Magarakis's works makes me feel awe and longing and sadness all at the same time.

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Victorian Tricycle
King Ant
Corvas Daurianus
Turtlaneum Imperialis
Ducky Duck Pirate Ship
I think these are stunning. If I owned one, I would spend way too much time just sitting and gazing at it. If you need to own one, you're in luck. Magarakis has a shop on Etsy called Spiderjelly Lab where several of these sculptures are available for purchase <insert giant sigh, here.>

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