Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Calan Ree

I giggle when I see the GingerDead greeting cards based on the GingerDead and Friends haiku comic series by Calan Ree. I didn't realize she was also an accomplished sculptor!

But first you have to see the greeting cards. They're available at The GingerDead Shoppe on Etsy.

Just for You
Beware of Birthday Clowns
Haiku Birthday
Vendetta Holiday Surprise

Calan Ree says that her art "pays homage to the little girl in pancake make-up holding a sickle. She's cute and creative and thoughtful. She is sometimes drawn to dark subject matter. Strange things fascinate and amuse her. Sometimes she is a little weird. But, she is also sweet and thoughtful and has a very big heart."

Here some of the other works Ree creates.

Death Rattle
Day of the Dead Clay Figures

Skeleton Sgraffito Bottle
Zombie Finger Puppet

Anatomical Heart Necklace
I really enjoy looking at all of Ree's work. She will be part of a show in St. Petersburg, FL that opens March 12. You can read about it on her Facebook page. If you get there please tell us about it!

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