Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thomas Shahan

Thomas Shahan is going to make you feel lazy or maybe just inadequate. Perhaps I'm projecting. I first saw his art on Etsy and was impressed. It was when I looked at his website that I felt that I'm possibly just wasting my life. Not only is Shahan an accomplished artist, his macro-photography of insects is breathtaking, he has a link to a video game that uses his art (possibly he created the game?), and there are downloadable links to music he has recorded. It would be safe to say that Shahan is a Renaissance man.

Prints of some of Shahan's art pieces are available in his Etsy shop TShahan. His artistic style is precise, clean, and simply beautiful, although his subjects are anything but that.

The Proposed Egg
Distressed Man
The Other Side of the Pond

If you like what you see, you need to continue over to Shahan's website to see his macro-photography.  It's a virtual nest of stunning images of insects. Here is a taste of what you'll see.

Wolf Spider

The photos are sharp, colorful and majestic. Shahan says that he photographs living bugs that are flying or crawling out in nature. That in itself is a feat.

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