Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Omnia Oddities

If you're looking for some new jewelry to bring in the new year, may I suggest you take a look a Omnia: Jewelry for the Unearthly? Many of the pieces have an Art Nouveau feel to them or perhaps would have been coveted by any witch worth her cauldron in the early part of the twentieth century. Heck, I covet them now.

Artists Keri Newton and Nathan Allen reside in South Carolina, but through the beauty of the internet you can purchase their work online from anywhere. Really, it's like magic.

The Celestial Galaxy Oracle Ring
The Seance Pendant
Athame Ear Weights

Omnia also carries some antique pieces including a few mourning hair brooches. They're quite stunning.
Antique Victorian Mourning Hair Brooch

Take a few minutes today to look at Omnia Oddities and put a few things on your wish list.

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