Monday, January 11, 2016

Milk Glass Hands

I know that they're not meant to be ghostly, but I can't help looking at Milk Glass Hand Dishes and thinking they're disembodied spirits at a seance.  I'm thinking I need a collection of them. I'm also thinking that I had better jump on this while there are many available on Ebay and before it becomes a big trend.  You know how that happens. Someone writes about it in a blog post and then the price goes crazy. We'd better hope The New York Times doesn't see this.

Vintage Westmoreland Milk Glass Hands
Vintage 1940's Milk Glass Queen's Hand
Westmoreland Victoria Open Hands
Antique Victorian Milk Glass Hand

Search for "milk glass hands" on Ebay for a heap of hands from antique to vintage to new with a variety of prices to match. 

I'm adding this just because I liked it.

Beggar's Hand Toothpick Holder

If you want to read more about the milk glass hands and how to identify antique from vintage there is an article on the National Milk Glass Collector's Society (yep) called A Chronicle of the Double Hands Dish. It's true, you learn something new every day.

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