Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Be Still, My Beading Heart

I really admire and am so jealous of the beautiful beading done by Nepinka. Her Etsy shop says that she combines new and old practices by doing time-consuming handwork to create modern images. I've tried my own hand at doing bead work and it's not as easy as it looks. Trying to get tiny beads to go where you want is like herding cats. I'm captivated by Nepinka's attention to detail and touch of humor.

Ne Pinka's (I think this is her actual name) shop says she lives in Europe. I think I saw somewhere that she lives in Estonia. (Actually, a message from the artist says she lives in the Ukraine, oops!) You can follow what Ne Pinka is up to on her Facebook page too. She recently took a long break from beading, but has come to realize beading is her dream job. I'm glad she came to this conclusion and will be around for awhile.

Flower Heart Necklace
Anatomical Heart Military Medal
Burning House Brooch
Human Ear Necklace
Anatomical Heart and Veins Necklace
Jellyfish Earrings
Please take a look at her shop. The items are very reasonably priced and I'm sure a few sales would show our encouragement. Everyone get out their credit cards!

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