Friday, January 29, 2016

An Anniversary for The Raven

On January 29, 1845, the Evening Mirror published The Raven under Edgar Allen Poe's name. This wasn't the first publication of the poem, but it was the first publication using Poe's name. This calls for a celebration. Where would the succession of shoe-gazing, dark romantics be without The Raven?

In honor of The Raven wear black and feathers and jewelry depicting Poe and ravens today. Writing with a quill pen would be a nice touch too if you have one. We can at least change our computer font to something swirly today.

What? You don't have anything with a raven or Poe's image on it?! Let me help you out.

PaperStatue: Instant Download Raven Mask
FreshComfy: The Raven Scarf
Skeletos: Raven Skull Belt Buckle
CostureroReal: Raven Queen Ball Cown
RebelMadness: Raven Halloween Skirt
What's a celebration without cookies?

CookieDoughCreations: Raven Cookie Cutter
If you're need a bigger Poe fix, click on my Edgar Allen Poe link to all the previously published posts that have featured the Saint of Halloween.

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