Monday, December 28, 2015

Yeti, My Love!

Since the northeast coast of the U.S. still hasn't received much (if any) snow, I think we need to be prepared for our first real snowstorm of the year with all-things-yeti. Whether you call him Yeti or the Abominable Snowman he is adorable. Who knows, maybe that's what we need to bring the snow. Just don't go crazy.

Everything here is available on Etsy. I know you're thinking I shop there a lot, and it's true. I look at other crafting retail sites and frankly they're just not as good. Sorry.

Abominable Snowman Nutcracker (monhoss135)
Bigfoot VS Yeti (GnomEnterprises)
Abominable Snowman Cakepops (Nibblerz)
Abominable Snowman Sugar Cookies (SweetsbyKate)
Yeti Felt Sculpture (LadyAstarte)
White Yeti (kailynthenightowl)
Abominable Snowman Art Doll (therewasalittle)
Yeti Soft Toy (ConcordLaneCritters)

There will be more of this Yeti-fest during the week. My addiction is building.

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