Thursday, December 10, 2015

Visions of Sugar Spiders Danced in My Head

Trigger Warning!

Oh, my gosh. Have you seen Cecilia's Sugar Art?? These confectionary creations are dreadfully delightful. While they are made of sugar and other edible ingredients, there is floral wire involved so I recommend eating cautiously. They would be lovely as decorations on a cake. The artist is Cecilia Hope and if sugar isn't your thing, she will make everything in polymer clay by request. I have a dream of being handed one delicious cupcake with a tarantula on top. I'd like that so much better than a cherry.

You won't believe your eyes.

Sugar Tarantula
Sugar! Green Bottle Fly
Spring Hammock Spider -  Still Sugar!!
Rainbow Stag Beetle
Sugar Grasshopper

You have to agree these are amazing. If you don't see your favorite insect, Hope will make a custom one for you. Start saving for the ultimate wedding cake.

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