Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Night of the Radishes

So, today's post resides in the oddities column rather than the spooky column. On December 23, Oaxaca, Mexico celebrates a one-day festival called The Night of the Radishes. It all started as a marketing ploy to get people into the Christmas market. Vendors would carve radishes into nativity scenes to attract people to their booths. It got to be such a success that in 1897 the mayor created a contest which is still held to this day. The city even has a plot of land where the official radishes are grown for the competition. People wait in line for hours to view the radishes hoping to see them before they wilt. That is dedication- especially two days before Christmas.

I've read that the carved radishes now reflect everyday life as well as the Day of the Dead along with nativity scenes. I've rounded up a few images for you. If you're missing the spooky element to today's post, I've also included a 41-second video of carving a radish into a skull. It's the least I could do for you. 


And now onto the video....

Tonight, put a radish skull in your martini. I double dog dare you.

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