Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Move Over Krampus. Gryla is Coming to Town

Remember when we all discovered the Krampus? Now that he's everywhere and a little less scary it's time to bring out Gryla. From the cold mountains of Iceland comes the wicked old woman, Gryla, to scare your children into behaving. She eats them, of course. I know, I know, the only thing that really scares children these days is the thought of the loss of internet access, but we can dream.

Gryla (rendered here by a police sketch artist- obviously) is even more terrible than the Krampus because she has thirteen wicked sons and an evil cat. I know she must be very powerful, because just typing her name has caused my internet access to slow considerably. Really, I'm worried. It has been claimed that she is responsible for a huge 2010 volcanic eruption.

I'm particularly fond of Gryla's cat who eats children that don't receive new clothes for Christmas. To be fair to the children, it seems like the parents should be eaten, but not my house, not my rules. Why the clothing manufacturers haven't jumped on this is beyond me.

Gryla's thirteen sons come down from the mountains on the days before Christmas and put presents in the shoes of children that are good. If you're bad, you get a rock or rotten potato. That is your warning to shape up before Gryla arrives.

source: Vida na Islandia
Our only protection is that Gryla isn't well known outside of Iceland. Can you believe I could find nothing for sale with her image on Etsy? I know! I did find a few things at the Nordic Store, however.

Christmas Cat
Widow Peeper Yule Lad
Door Sniffer Yule Lad

You should check out all thirteen of the Yule Lad ornaments here. They're pretty funny.

Crafters and movie makers had better get moving for next year's big hit.

[ note: The night after I wrote this, I woke my husband up because I was yelling in my sleep. I was dreaming that a elf was trying to drag a child into a large hole where our kitchen sink used to be. Wow! Gryla even haunts dreams!]

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