Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dem Bones: Real Sugar Skulls

Whenever I see these sugary delights I want to have a tea party- except instead of tea we'd drink Absinthe in tea cups. Don't worry, I'll invite you.

Dem Bones has been selling skull sugar cubes for over five years. They are adorable! You can purchase them in a variety of quantities and packaging styles if you're giving them as gifts. They're perfect for a number of occasions. You could even give a spoonful of sugar to someone who is sick to make the medicine go down. Just make sure they have a good sense of humor.

Bulk - 36 - Sugar Cubes
The Original Box of Nine
Bag of Four

Dem Bones also has some non-edible Day of the Dead sugar skulls.
Coffin of Sugar Skull Ornaments
You'll find soaps, jewelry and even garden markers in the shop, as well. Browse around. You don't want to be in the office today, anyway.

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