Friday, November 20, 2015

The WitchDoctor by Screen Novelties

It's time for a Kickstarter campaign! You know how it works, so get out your credit cards.  I stumbled upon a campaign for a stop-motion animated, short film called The WitchDoctor. It's being made by Screen Novelties who have oodles of experience and have worked on things like the Spongebob Christmas Special and Lego's Adventuretime. Who doesn't love stop-motion animation? I predict this will not fail.

The story revolves around a witchdoctor who's magic isn't very good, but is desperately trying to save his beloved island. If you like the kitchy-Tiki 50's style, then you're going to love the look of this film.

There are also cool rewards. Besides a copy of the film, you can get a retro t-shirt, 3D Viewmaster of the film (!), and an awesome Tiki mug.

I'm in. How about you?  As of this posting, roughly $19,000 have been raised of the $60,000 goal. They have a long way to go, but there are still 25 days left in the campaign. Share this with your friends and you can all have a Mai-Tai together to celebrate.

If you need more encouragement, check out this Krampus video Christmas card Screen Novelties made in 2013. It's very merry.

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