Friday, November 27, 2015

The Count von Count

November 27, 1972. That's when Count von Count made his debut on Sesame Street. My fixation with the supernatural becomes so much more clear to me. I remember the early days of the Count when his segments included a haunted house with lots of bats flying around to count, naturally. Jerry Nelson created the character and modeled him after Bela Legosi's Count Dracula.  A much less scary Count Dracula, admittedly.

Count von Count
I don't think we give enough credit to Jim Henson for making monsters so much fun.

Let's all honor the Count today doing what we do best- buying things over the internet. Maybe that's just me. Redbubble has some very funny t shirts.

Redbubble: Vampire Body Count
Redbubble: Snuffy the Vampire Slayer
Redbubble: Counting
And, we should all have a plush count watching over us.
Gund: Plush Count
Happy Birthday Count von Count!

Song of the Count

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