Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

People occasionally ask me if I get depressed after Halloween is over. The answer is no, not really. Yes, I'm exhausted because so many things are crammed into a month, but for me Halloween lasts all year long. Artists keep creating spooky pieces, the dead are celebrated in many ways around the world all year long, and authors keep writing scary stories.

Which brings me to Stephen King's latest book of short stories that is being released this week. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is available in hard-cover and as an audio book. In a recent interview with King in the New York Times, the collection is described as containing horror stories as well as stories about life being horrible. That's my synopsis, not King's. My favorite part in the interview is when King says:

"But I want all the people who don't like to be scared. I want to welcome them in a gentle way, and then scare them. I want to get them in there, where they can't get out."

King hasn't published a collection of short stories in thirty-five years! Now, we have something to celebrate. I told you it never ends.

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