Monday, November 9, 2015

Sweet Skeleton

I've been seeing more and more skeletons and skulls showing up in baby and kid fashion and decor. It's odd to be sure, but that doesn't bother us, does it? I'm sure the message is supposed to be "I have a tough, cool, rocker kid." I wonder what the Victorian's would think? It seems kind of young to be considering your morality. That doesn't stop me from buying for my niece, however. Or, for that matter, showing it to you.

I've been watching an item for over a year now trying to decide where I'd put it in our house.

Le Squelette Humain
This absolutely adorable skeleton wallpaper panel is available from a British shop called  It's meant for a child's room and the anatomy lesson is written in French. So, maybe that's less scary? The panel also comes in grey if pink isn't your style. It's on sale. I think I should act soon.

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