Thursday, November 19, 2015


Until fairly recently, I was one of those people who said "No Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving!" But then, I thought back on how when my husband and I had been in France one mid-November and all the small towns had been decorated for Christmas and the Christmas markets were thriving. In the US, it's our own self-imposed rule to wait till after Thanksgiving. Why? I asked myself. Will Christmas decorations really harm Thanksgiving? That's just silly. If you want to put up your Christmas or Halloween decorations months before the holiday- go for it; enjoy every minute of it. Heck, you can keep them up all year if it makes you happy.

In honor of my new found tolerance, I'm posting some tree ornaments for whatever holiday you want to celebrate. They're from a shop called Horroraments. The ornaments are cheeky and I like that. With a few modifications, they'll be perfect for your Christmas tree. They probably won't give you feelings of "good tidings to all", but they will make you think "God Bless us, everyone."

A festive wreath on the coffin would look lovely.
Just add a red bell around his neck.
Imagine the reaper with some mistletoe over his head.
Werewolves are very similar to the Krampus.

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