Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Furrybones Collectibles

I was browsing around looking for something to blog about for tomorrow's Thanksgiving post when this happened:

Furrybones Pumpkin (Turkey)
(sound of screeching breaks) I started laughing and realized that I have no Thanksgiving decorations in my house. I NEED this skeleton turkey.  A little research ensued and I found out about Furrybones. How have I missed this?!  Furrybones is a collection of skeletons in different costumes. The artist is Misaki Savada. She was born in Japan and moved to California in her teens and from that Furrybones was born. It could happen to anyone really- not.

Browsing the Furrybones Store will take up a good part of your day at work. You don't really want to be there anyway. Besides the delightful skeleton figures, you'll find jewelry, plush toys, book bags and even cookie jars. You'll be giggling all day.

Spruce (Moose)
Awesome (Possum)
Black Mao-Mao (Cat)
Octopee Pendant

Pandie Cookie Jar

There are also some limited edition pieces that you'll need to round out your new collection that are only available for a short time. Don't delay.

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