Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Some friends of mine recently went to Iceland for a music festival that they described as the early days of SXSW (I like it already). Photos from their trip are beautiful and Iceland needs to be on my radar.

They brought to my attention a band and artist they thought I would like. The artist is Jon Saemonder Auoarson and his band is called Dead Skeletons. Auoarson's art revolves around the theme of death. He was diagnosed as HIV positive in 2004 and attempts to work out his fears through his art and music. His website DEAD has a shop where you can purchase art, clothing and some jewelry.

Let's explore, shall we?

Dead Skeleton Watercolors
The Cure
Dead Skeletons Poster
Hand-printed Dead Raven Tshirt
DEAD Logo Tshirt
Hand-painted Watercolor Tshirt
Dead Skull Ring

Ok, I LOVE this stuff, but I'll stop because I have to go to work. We can listen to some Dead Skeletons together while we go about our day. 

Dead Skeletons: Dead Mantra
"He who fears death, can not enjoy life"

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