Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cheers to the Turkey

It must be a "thing." I didn't realize there were so many pictures of turkeys walking around cemeteries on the internet. It's kind of nice to know that while we sit around a table looking at a dead turkey, they frequent cemeteries and peck at the graves of dead people. It's nature in balance I guess.

I wonder if I went to a cemetery on Thanksgiving I would see something similar to the Great Pumpkin except it would be the Great Turkey?

Here's looking at you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey in Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, RI by Peter Green  (source: Pinterest)
Kitchener, Ontario by Derek H (source: Flickr)
Auburn Cemetery Turkey (source:
Turkey in Cemetery by JRL 791 (source: Pinterest)
Turkey in Cemetery: SC Birds by Tracy Mackall (source: Pinterest)
Wild Turkeys in Pine Grove Cemetery, Manchester (source: WMUR 9 ABC)
Wild Turkeys (source:

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