Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Project: Esqueleto

I have a super fast project Halloween project for you today. I captured the look of a naturalist's butterfly collection, but with tiny skeletons.

The shadow boxes came from one of the discount home stores and the skeletons are just inexpensive rubber toy party favors. I pinned them to the fabric back using map pins and then made a paper hat and tulle skirt from scraps in my collection of craft supplies.

For the label, I chose Spanish since I was throwing a Day of the Dead party. I don't speak Spanish and just Googled the translation so I may be totally incorrect. (Ha-please let me know.) They should say "Male Skeleton" and "Female Skeleton."



  1. Japaneasy!

    Here's a shiver-up-your-spine from down under. The tutu on the skeleton brings to life a macabre synchronicity that the identity of a small female child, whose remains were found in a suitcase adjacent to a road in South Australia, was confirmed today, 21 October. In the suitcase was a little black fairy-tutu costume.

    But wait there is more.....the skeleton of a woman was found in 2010, who was
    nicknamed "angel" by forensics. Turns out they are mother-and-daughter.

    The veil is very very thin this year.....