Friday, October 23, 2015

Poe's Ravens

Our Halloween decorations are slowing coming together. I love collecting artist-made Halloween decor, but sometimes you find wonderfully inexpensive,  mass-produced items that can be slightly altered to become smashing.

Such is the case with the plastic raven skeletons I found at Target for under $10 each. I love that they're screwed together so that you can slightly adjust their positioning. I added "nevermore" printed on cardstock and glued it to ribbon, then sewed the ribbon to the ravens.
Ta Da! They're now a focal point on the mantel.

While I'm speaking of bird skeletons, I found a great source on Etsy for plastic bird skulls. The shop is called Arctic Phoenix Studios. I purchased two skulls to go under some small glass domes I have and couldn't be more pleased. They fooled my husband. He thought they were real. 

Why plastic? Well, I wasn't sure of the skull sources on the real skulls available for purchase so, I thought I'd play it safe. I don't want to buy skulls from an animal that may have been killed just to harvest the skull. The plastic ones look amazing.

More photos of our decorations next week.

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