Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Memorial Ribbon Party Favors

Handing out memorial ribbons for your party favor is tricky, I admit. Is it a sign that your party is going to suck? Perhaps, I like to keep expectations low. However, the idea behind this year's party favor is reminiscent of Victorian memorial ribbons. Since our Halloween party (just 2 days away!) is re-creating Edgar Allen Poe's wake, I thought it would be appropriate.

The following ribbons were my inspiration.

Expired Ebay Auction Memorial Ribbon
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Ribbon

However, when time started slipping away, I created a quick, multi-purpose memorial ribbon. I cut and sewed 2.5 inch black ribbon into pointed ends and then added stripped ribbon at the top to give it a bit more stability. The black stars are actually heavy cardboard gift tags. The skull was carefully cut from Halloween tulle and pasted on to the star. I added a pin on the back and am calling it finished. Did I call these quick? I was sewing every night for a week and even took them to work to continue sewing during lunch. They were supposed to be quick. 

If I were to make these again, I would purchase R.I.P. pre-printed ribbon in advance. Way, in advance. I think these can be worn to any fashionable funeral. Don't you?

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