Monday, October 19, 2015


Here we go. Today is the start of the Thirteen Days of Halloween! Unlike the Twelve Days of Christmas that actually takes place after Christmas, The Thirteen Days of Halloween lead us to the auspicious day. I try to do some fun Halloween thing every day from now till Halloween. That means I have to put aside the planning and the party preparations and actually experience the moment. Are you with me?
Today, I'll be listening to at least one episode, if not more, of my new favorite podcast Lore. Lore's first episode was in March of this year and a new one arrives every two weeks. Since I've just started listening, I have enough to last me till Halloween if I listen to just one episode every night.  Not sure I'll be able to stop myself at one, though.

In the words of Lore's host, Aaron Mahnke,

"Lore is a be-weekly podcast about true life scary stories. The people, places and things of our darkest nightmares all have real facts at their core. Each episode of Lore looks into a uniquely scary tale and uncovers the truth behind it. Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction. "

In my own words, it's perfectly spooky. I've listened to the first four episodes and was appropriately stopped in my tracks several times while cleaning house yesterday because of a particularly spine-chilling moment in a story. Yes, I was cleaning, but tonight I will be laying on the fainting couch with the lights low and a Tipple Tuesday cocktail in my hand while I listen.

So far I've listened to stories about vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. You'll like the haunting music that plays with the stories.

You should also know that Aaron Manhke is a writer of spooky stories. He has published four novels that are available through the Lore website and Manhke's own website. I'm sure I'll be writing about those soon.

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  1. Eek! I have a 3 1/2 hour drive ahead of me this Friday, and I think this podcast might be THE perfect thing to fill the time.

    BTW, if you enjoy Halloween-themed podcasts, "The Halloween Haunt" is a few favorite of mine. They're pretty short and only get published in October, but there are all kinds of fun facts and stories waiting to be discovered.