Monday, October 26, 2015

All Seeing Eye Banner

We try to add something new every year to our exterior decorations and for several years we've commented that we need something between the second story windows, but couldn't agree on how we were going to hang it. Well, actually, my husband said there was no way he was getting on the roof. It took my three years to convince him it was going to be ok. I won!

The idea for a banner was the result of it being easier to hang than a wooden plaque. I started by doing a little sketch.

I remembered seeing people do painted floor cloths and figured this would work for my banner. I got lucky at the fabric store when I found some drapery liner that was rubberized on one side and canvas-like on the other. Score! I wouldn't have to prime my canvas before painting the design.

We knew we were going to make pockets on either end and slide a pipe inside to hang it so, stitching was the next step.

I made the design using some clipart gathered from a variety of sources and put them together for my eyeball design. I laid a grid over it in order to be able to scale it to my fabric. I drew the design on with pencil after making the same grid on my fabric.

Then, it was just a matter of painting it on with regular latex paint. While working on a project, I always have a drink and cat nearby.

My husband attached some chain to either end of the pipe and put some hooks into the window frame. He very carefully climbed through the window and hung our new banner.

Now, husband, that wasn't so bad. Was it?

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