Friday, September 18, 2015

The Windows to Your Dark Soul

I started thinking about the people who live in apartment buildings and how sad it is that they can't decorate the outside of their "houses." Well, we all have windows. Even if you can't get on a ladder to string lights along the eaves of your house, you can most likely add a little something to the the windows.

At the very least, I would add some orange cellophane to the panes of glass so that when you turn on the lights your rooms glow. You can buy colored cellophane fairly cheaply. I may try this on the front facing windows of my house. You could use tissue paper as well, but then you can't see what is going on outside. For some, that might not be bad. Tissue will help your images to stand out better.

(source: Charcoal and Crayons blog)
(source: DIY + FYI blog)
 I quickly gathered a collection of some of the more interesting window treatments that I liked. I hope you like them too. Click on the links to see more images and often instructions, and as a sort of thank you to the original sources of the posts. Where would I be without them?

(source: Shelterness)
(source: Shelterness)
(source: Halloween Forum)
(source: Halloween Forum)
(source: Brooklyn Limestone blog)
(source: Makezine)
Add a strobe light behind these windows and you'll drive your neighbors absolutely crazy. Good times.

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