Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Spooky Carnival in the Yard

Our exterior decorations don't change dramatically from year to year because we've invested time and money in what we have, I like it, and when I attempt to change it the neighbors say "But I look forward to the ________ every year!" Ha! So today's post is something I'd like to try. Maybe when we stop having a Halloween party I can make some big changes- yah, right.

I'd really like to set up a freaky carnival in our yard. I know that might scare some small children, but, hey, life is scary. Take a look at these photos I keep on my Pinterest board of ideas. By the way, have you checked out my Pinterest Halloween Life board?

The clown entrance looks a bit challenging, but the monster face certainly seems possible.

(source: Halloween Forum)
(source: Halloween Forum)
(source: Flickr)
I love the idea of a ticket booth as the place where you would hand out candy and treats.

(source: Halloween Forum)
(source: Halloween Forum)
(source: Tumblr, ReadingwithTequila)
You could add a few other features to round out the effect.

(source: Halloween Forum)
(source: Haunt Forum)

I'm giggling like a crazy clown just thinking about making something like this. 

Do you realize we only have 
till Halloween?! 
Live each one with a little horror.

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