Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Not So Secret Invitation Source

I'll bet you think I'm going to talk about Etsy for all your invitation needs at Halloween, but no! is a great place to find creative invitations that you can customize and have printed all in one place. You might think it's too expensive, but for me when I consider the amount of time I'd put into designing my own, the cost of the paper, and the cost of printer ink, well, sometimes it's worth it. Expecially when I'm running out of time because in case you forgot, we have
till Halloween.

If you log onto Zazzle and type "Halloween Invitation" into the search box you'll come up with 31,768 products. That's right. And the number grows the closer we get to Halloween. I find it easier to search if I already have a party theme in mind and can search on terms like "pumpkin" or "gothic" or "zombie" to narrow the results down a bit. There was this one time when I glazed over from searching page after page of Halloween invitations only to find out it was now Christmas. Never again.

To get you started, I searched 25 plus pages to find you these captivatingly-chilling invitations. It's ok. I had a few hours and we're friends.
Haunted House Party Ticket
Chalkboard Gothic
Sugar Skull
Black Crow
Chalkboard Skull
Antique Toe Tag

You might even come up with a party theme just by finding your favorite invitation!

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