Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bring Back the Scarecrow

When I was young, scarecrows were everywhere in the Fall. And, people made their own. They didn't pick one up from a discount store. Ok, maybe my memories are clouded with romanticism, but I still think we should bring back the scarecrow.

I have nothing against the jolly Wizard of Oz type of scarecrow, but I prefer a scarecrow that is a bit more menacing. The nice thing about scarecrows is that they don't necessarily have to be complicated. In some instances, a few twigs can make a frightening specter. I think the unofficial rule of scarecrow creation is that it should use at least some natural materials.

Modern Farmer has a nice article on the history of scarecrows that you should read for more information. Hay, Man: The Curious Life and Times of Scarecrows is something the whole family can read before making your own effigy. Look! I just gave you an assignment.

Now is the point where I'm going to blast you with some photos of scarecrows I admire. As always, click on the links below the photos for more fabulous examples.

Grim Hollow Haunt Scarecrow with Instructions
Blaircrows from Halloween Forum
Pumpkinrot Scarecrow (source: Buzzfeed)

Pumpkinrot Scarecrow (source: Buzzfeed)
Tim Burton Scarecrow (source: NBC news)
(source: My Little World blog)
(source: My Little World blog)
Scarecrow with Instructions from Mizerella.blogspot
Time to go pick up some sticks in your yard.

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