Friday, August 21, 2015

Imps and Things

I want to highlight another great spooky art doll artist today. Pete Simpson is the creator behind Imps and Things. Simpson brings to life dreadfully adorable trolls and, well, imps. These are the types of imps you might want to sit down with and have a beer. I imagine they'd be entirely disagreeable, but I'd have a good time anyway.

Simpson is featured in the autumn issue of Art Doll Quarterly. He has a blog that seems to be updated occasionally, but it does point you in the direction of the Imps and Things shop on MISI- the British equivalent of Etsy, I think. (I hadn't heard of MISI till now. I have to check this one out.)  You can read more about his current work on the Imps and Things Facebook page which is updated frequently.

These photos of Simpson's work come from his Facebook photo stream. His photography of the imps in woodland settings are enchanting. I haven't seen any artist stage his work so beautifully. Don't miss a single one.

A Peaceful Afternoon Fishing
Nighttime Sightings
Witch Abroad
Strange Sightings Summer 2015
Strange Sightings at Puzzlewood
More Early Morning Sightings
It's hard for me to stop posting photos on this one. The imps are magical and I want to join their world.

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