Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Greg Guedel: Halloween Carvings

Greg Guedel carves quaint and mischievous Halloween figures. Guedel has been creating figures for the Bethany Lowe collection for many years; although 2015 is to be his last with that company. His original hand-carved works are available on his website shop and on Etsy at GregGuedel. In addition to Halloween sculptures, Guedel also has a creates Christmas, Forgotten Toys, and what he calls the Everyday items. I love them all. If you have attended the Halloween and Vine show in California, you may have seen his work.

These are some of my favorites.
Watermelon Man Ornament
Halloween Toy Vendor Ghost
Witch with Pumpkin
Vintage Toy Robot
Vintage Toy Robot
Fortune Wheel Toy

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