Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Creatures of The Shadow Farm

I don't think I could keep a figure from The Shadow Farm in my bedroom. If I woke up in the middle of the night and thought it was staring at me I'd never get back to sleep. That being said, I absolutely love these malevolent little creatures.

The man behind The Shadow Farm is known to us only as Dave the Dead. I'm not sure I want or need to know any more than that. The Shadow Farm has an Etsy shop stocked with creepy figures, but don't wait long to purchase. The Shadow Farm is going to be a vendor at Ghoultide Gathering in Michigan on October 3rd and Dave the Dead will most likely be taking his stock with him. I'm going to be attending Ghoultide Gathering this year and can't wait to see these figures in person.

Bunny Boy
Mr. Bangor
Burlap Horror
Emerson Skelly
Toothy Beet-Monster
Hoover the Lovecraftian Entity

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