Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lisa Zador: Unusual Artwork for the Discerning Eccentric

Look what I found for us! Curious Portraits, the Etsy site of artist Lisa Zador, claims to be "Unusual artwork for the discerning eccentric." Well, I think that describes us perfectly, don't you? I love Zador's whimsical portraits of animals, but of course, it's the skeletons that always draw me in. Zador has clients like Target and Publix Super Markets so we're fortunate that we can visit her Etsy shop for reasonably-priced and enchanting artwork made from prints of her work. I love the miniatures.

Headless Skeleton Miniature Portrait
Edgar Allen Poe Portrait
Moon Man Portrait
Skeleton Portrait Brooch
Skull Still Life
Dog Portrait with Nosferatu
Pumpkin Man Coasters
Zador also does custom portraits including a portrait of your favorite toy. Now, that would be just grand. I wonder whatever happened to mousey.

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