Monday, June 29, 2015

Creepy Cross Stitch Kits

GeckoRouge is a British Etsy shop that makes divine cross stitch kits. The designs are rich in color and detail, and there are hundreds to choose from. Not all the kits are spooky, but there is an entire fantasy section.  I had a hard time choosing which kits to show. Cross stitch is a good hobby for everyone who likes to count and follow directions (that's me). It's also good for times when you are sitting with nothing else to do; say you're stuck on an airplane or at a doctor's appt. You can take it anywhere. The kits come with canvas, directions, and thread. These are not your grandmother's cross stitch kits.

Ouija Board
Raven's Moon
Tardis and Cat
Adelita: Day of the Dead
The Bride Doll Maker
Extra Large Day of the Dead
Nightmare in the Flesh
Memento Mori
Pied Piper

Ok. I'm done. Really, they're great. Go look for yourself.

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