Monday, January 5, 2015

Is Your House Clean?

I hope you spent the weekend cleaning your house. I hope for your sake it is spotless. If you live in the Rauris Valley of Austria you may be visited by the Schnabelperchten. Much like the Krampus who visits on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, the Schnabelpercheten comes on January 5th, the eve of Epiphany.

Photo at Reise u. Brauch
The legend of the Schnabelperchten (wow, that's hard to type) says that old women with beaks will visit your house to make sure it is clean for Epiphany. If it isn't, they cut open the stomach of the housekeeper with the large scissors they carry and stuff the dirt they find back in there. You know they're coming when you hear the loud "Qua, Qua!" sound they make. Now that's scary!

Notice the basket with the small feet sticking out on the back of one? Like the Krampus, the Schnabelperchten do not hesitate to steal away children that do not clean their rooms.

We still have a few hours left before they arrive. Grab your mop before it's too late.

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