Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gentleman Crow

This year I'm doing something different with the outside of our house for Halloween. After seeing a friend's photo of turkey vultures sitting on a fence, I decided this year our front porch would be a haven for ravens and crows.

For the last few weekends my husband and I have been working on creating a door greeter. I call him the Gentleman Crow. He was easy-peasy to create.

First we did a little research online on how to make the body form. We found lots of photos of pvc pipe body forms and my talented husband went to work on creating it. Although he didn't use the words easy-peasy, there was no swearing or cursing involved so I think it was pretty simple. Word of advice- don't glue anything together. You'll need to be able to take it apart to dress the form.

The next step was shopping for a crow mask (there are many on the web to choose from) and clothes from thrift stores. I was very fortunate to have inherited my father's coattails and top hat that he liked to wear ice skating- the entire family is a bit odd.

Before dressing my gentleman crow, I padded the pvc form with a bed pillow, some packing pillows, and bubble wrap. I also purchased an inexpensive foam head from Michael's to give the mask some form. The final detail was using some black feathers to poke out of sleeves and a feather boa to wrap around his neck.

Ta Da! The finished product came out even better than I expected. When I finish the rest of the porch decor, you'll see him in place. My cats have surveyed the Gentleman Crow and approve.


  1. Oh my God that's terrifying. The stuff of nightmares and then some. Well done!!!

  2. Thanks! I decided not to give him feet or claws to make him a little less scary.

  3. This is great!...We really are looking forward to coming...but you won't know who we are... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maria

  4. Voila!

    I don't comment as much as I should (due to health issues), but I love this blog and it's always fantastic to find like minded ladies!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad I've found my tribe. ; )